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Nextcloud Enterprise

21unity Cloud is based on Nextcloud Enterprise and is an out-of-the-box Collaboration platform featuring Office, Workflow Management, Wiki, Chat and Video, for internal and external collaboration.


21unity Cloud is designed on an OpenPOWER architecture, which delivers scalability, speed and resilience, so we can deliver 100% uptime and reliability.

Collabora Online

21unity Cloud includes Collabora Online, an online office suite, that enables collaborative and real time document editing for you and your team, or project members. All file formats are supported.


Collaboration Platform

File Sharing

Save, Edit and Share files with your team and collaboratively work on them in your teams.

Chat &Video

Create private or group chats with your colleagues, or start video chats. You can also invite external contacts

Office Suite

Collaboratively work on and share documents in real time. 21unity Cloud supports any format or file type

Mail & Contacts

21unity Cloud features an online mail client and contact book, which can be fully synchronized to any other app.

Agile Boards

You can use 21 unity Cloud to plan and coordinate group projects, with agile boards and task tracking


Use 21unity Cloud for documentation and knowledge transfer. It offers a comprehensive wiki functionality


Choose the size that is right for your business





75 €

500 GB Storage

Up to 5 users

Monthly Subscription


289 €

2TB Storage

Up to 25 users

Monthly Subscription


533 €

4TB Storage

Up to 50 users

Monthly Subscription


1095 €


up to 100 users

Monthly Subscription



Enterprise Package

please request pricing

Monthly Subscription

–> Initial set-up cost with base configuration 145€
–> All prices are net prices
–> Adding extra Storage 25€ per 500GB per month
–> Upgrading from a self hosted Nextcloud to 21unity Cloud will incur an hourly consulting fee (on request)
–> Base configuration includes: Cloud storage software with two-factor authentication,encryption, daily full backup and collaboration suite (Collabora Online, Calendar,address book, task management, chat & video)
–> We also offer Nextcloud trainings. Please send information on number of participants and topics using our contact form and we will contact you with pricing and availability

Did you know?

We offer Collabora Online as Standalone Package, so you can use the office suite, without booking the full collaboration suite package.

Please use our contact form to request any information or pricing for the Collabora Online Package.

You can also find more information here

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Who We Are

21unity is a solution provider based in Dieburg, Germany. We offer cloud services, platforms and custom made 21unity OpenPOWER hardware.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make digital transformation as easy as possible and deliver great user experiences. We strive to create digital sovereignty, so you can feel secure and be productive.

Our Mission

Our mission is, to take complex technology and present it in a way, that even non technical users can use the full potential of the cloud, without having to worry about the back-end.

Digital Transformation

the easiest way to transform your business

21unity Cloud is a browser first platform, that can be implemented with zero disruption and which helps your business get all the tools for productivity in one place.


Remote and home office working are the new standard and 21unity Cloud offers an easy, secure and reliable way for teams, partners and customers to connect and work together.


Communication is key and with 21unity Cloud you can create private chats and also invite external contacts (password protected) to groups and sessions, to share content via audio & video.


While planning your digital roadmap, privacy should be focus and 21unity Cloud is an independent platform, which is not connected to 3rd party vendors and hosted in Germany.

Digital Sovereignty

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