POWER for the masses

21unity stands for innovative solutions that are aligned with the daily requirements of our customers and make everyday work easier. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art platforms that are designed to be open and interoperable, making cumbersome integrations and complex imports and exports a thing of the past. On this blog, I’ve often talked about our end-user-facing platforms 21unity Cloud and 21pro, but today I’d like to touch on another important topic: the backend, or hardware layer.

As a Silver Member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, we have decided to rely on open solutions for our infrastructure as well, in order to provide the most flexible foundation possible for our customers as an infrastructure that can be seamlessly integrated across the board to scale any application or requirement to where it is needed.

The Power architecture (“Performance optimized with enhanced RISC”) is a family of processors from the OpenPower Foundation. It was originally developed by IBM as a successor to the mainframe and midrange processors in bipolar and CMOS design. Through the OpenPOWER Foundation, this architecture is now being made available to all and the benefits of the formerly proprietary technology can now be leveraged by tech companies worldwide.

This brings the following benefits:

Through open sourcing and development based on the POWER ISA – one of the most sophisticated processor architectures on the market – the OpenPOWER Foundation democratizes access and extends the reach of the RISC-based architecture.

Open to all
With more than 350 members collaborating regularly, the entire semiconductor industry – from global organizations with deep expertise to individual developers with a fresh perspective – can innovate, build and develop across the hardware and software stack.

Open development of this scale enables unprecedented customization of applications, operating systems and firmware, driving hundreds of innovations in artificial intelligence, supercomputing, hyperscale and more.

Here’s the best part:
21unity not only builds its own infrastructure on OpenPOWER technology, but we can also provide you with all the components of our servers individually, or as an entire rack ready to go. We work together with well-known manufacturers, who produce parts for us according to our requirements and design, whith final assembly in Germany. Thus we can deliver the best possible quality to our customers.

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